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Chris McConville, Credit Reporting and Mortgage Experience Since 1991

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I am available to Plaintiff or Defense Attorneys for:

  • Expert Reports
  • Consulting
  • Testimony 


I have over 25 years of credit and mortgage experience dealing directly with the consumers and underwriters.  I have reviewed over 15,000 credit reports in my career and I have first hand experience on of how essential it is for the credit reports to be 100% accurate.

I am qualified to testiy and have a complete understanding of:

  • Credit Scoring
  • Credit dispute process including Metro 2, ACDVs and AUDs
  • Mortgage origination and underwriting process
  • The damages that credit errors have or do not have
  • Expert testimony experience
  • Past admitance to Federal Court

Real Life Experience

 The experience I have gained makes me much different than credit experts who come from either an academic or employment with the credit reporting / scoring background.  I have personal experience rather than scientific.  When you continually hear parents sob over being denied on student loans for their children, being denied for a fixed rate mortgage that may have saved the family home from foreclosure or even being denied employment all due to credit errors, you then can understand credit in a way no book or training manual can teach.

I have no geographical restrictions.  Call me today to get my experience on your team.

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